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Dark souls, but drunk. Would you be able to defeat the boss?

This is a Physics game with active ragdolls, so it could be a bit hard to play at the begginning, but after some practice it's super fun.

Game made in 1 week for Spain Game Devs Jam II



  • WASD to move
  • Hold 'Left click'  and release it to swing your sword.
  • Hold 'Right click' to raise your shield.
  • Press 'Space' to get up if you are on the ground.
  • Press 'Q' to heal.
  • Press 'Left shift' to run.
  • Press 'ESC' to pause.


The game contains settings within the game where you can change mouse sensitivity, quality, resolution, sound/music volume, etc.


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DrunkSouls_V1_Winx86_64.rar 306 MB
DrunkSouls_V1_Winx86.rar 303 MB


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DIOS SE VE MUY BUENO EL JUEGO, no entiendo algo para descargarlo el que dice winx86_64 es para los de 64 bits o no. ¿Y el x86 es el complemento de x86 que se descarga en internet o es otro?

I had a great time playing this! Ironically for me the boss was easier than the first 5 enemies. However that's only because I managed to find a loophole which kept the ogre (with great taste in underwear btw) from being able to hit me, I could never beat 'm in a fair fight hahaha! Also I was pleasently surprised by the quality of the graphics! Really well done!! 

Thanks for Playing Andy!

Sadly we didn't have enough time to make a good boss battle :( 

Guiandome por el video, el juego se ve genial! Muy buenos graficos y sonidos tambien! 
Por otro lado, no pude ejecutar ninguna version para Windows. Se escucha la musica, pero queda la pantalla negra. Mi notebook es un I5 con una HD5500.

Uh no! Te tira algún mensaje de error? Podrías chequear los logs? Deberían estar en:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\RhoNem\Drunk Souls\Player.log

Es un problema de compatibilidad con mi GPU por ser viejita :(


Gracias por pasarme los logs! Si, se ve que si. Te prometo que vamos a arreglarlo eventualmente <3

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Thanks for playing!