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My friend wanted to get Just one more drink and he went to a Bar... then I didn't know what happened...

The game

 Just one more drink, Please. is a semi-active ragdoll game where the combat system is a bit strange, but fun! Try to get the best score before getting knocked-out!

Controls (there is an optional small tutorial in the game)

  • Move with "AWSD".
  • Use right click button to punch with your right hand, and left click to do it with your left hand.
  • Keep pressed 'C' to crouch (use it to avoid attacks)
  • Left shift to run (it consumes stamina)
  • Middle mouse button + mouse movement to rotate. 
  • Mouse scrollwheel to zoom in/out.

Made in 48 hours for a Game Jam: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Fighting
Tagsactive-ragdoll, invers-kinematics, ragdoll


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JustOneMoreDrinkPleaseV1.0.0_winX86.rar 40 MB
JustOneMoreDrinkPleaseV1.0.0_winX64.rar 43 MB


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Buenardo me encantó acá les dejo un gameplay XD 

Esta bueno el juego, es entretenido y ayuda a pasar el rato, me gustaria cambiarle el color al personaje

tbh i thought the crashing was the game itself until i read the comments

Oh. Couldn't play the game?

i thought it was the game till i went in the games files and fixed it

What was wrong?

like a piece of code needed to be switched with another and the start code had a little error no capital letter

Doesn't execute. Windows 64bit. every option I press crashes the game.

That's sad! Could you paste here the crash logs?

I feel bad for not answering you for this long. but finally I got to use the computer where this crashed, and I remembered this.

I get no log report anywhere in any folder. No unity message saying it has crashed and a log report has been written. 

Just this after hitting play... no idea what happens. I press play, and then this appears after a couple of seconds. Then the game turns off.

It also happened on a friend's computer but I couldn't find the problem. I can remember it was something related to his old processor.
You can find the logs at C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Rhomita\Just one more drink, please_

You can send me the files to dev@rhomita.com :)


Oh. So they appear in another folder? Sorry about that. I'll do.

Thanks mate!

Was a super fun playing this and was really entertaining! Was confusing at first but after playing the tutorial and getting the hang of it (through a bug I think (the crouch to avoid damage)) it was fun to run around and hit people. I think that the small glitch where the arm flew past and elongated was pretty funny and added to the game. But yeah, super fun game; you did a really good job on this one!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it had some bugs but I didn't have time to fix them because I made it in a GameJam in less than 48 hours :D I had a lot of fun making it, so It's nice to know that you had fun playing :D


I had such a blast playing this! I simply couldn't stop laughing haha! After a little bit of practice I can safely say that I pretty much mastered the double-wielding-bottles-tornado-spin move as show in the video. Great job on this one man! ;D


Thanks for playing Andy! I'm glad you had fun! You didn't find the trick of crouching all the time to avoid getting damage from the opponents!